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Empowering youth in Kenya by promoting health.


Culture, social understandings, religion and education are the main elements that are explored by socio-economics. Socioeconomic factors are the sectors of an individual’s activities and understandings that shape him as an economically active person and they are the elements that determine the economic activity of societies. Economies are not self-contained but they work in conjunction with social attitudes, beliefs, values and interests of the communities and thus play an important role in the success of any new economic program being introduced.

The foundation appreciates this sensitivity between economic development and cultural practices therefore shall not introduce any grass root economic activity as and unless it recognizes the local cultural practices thus acceptable to all.

Outreach programmers contribute to the social and occasionally economic well-being of an individual or community. The Foundation has worked closely with smaller groups comprising mainly of children – Children’s Homes, Nursery Schools and issues affecting children – to ensure that assistance that may not be easily available to these groups may be complimented by the Foundation. The fact that early childhood development is key in ones general development we have focused our outreach programmer on this group and have so far worked on providing reading and writing material, games equipment, medicines, food, financial assistance and general material and equipment relating to their improved growth.

The Foundation has outreach programs in Nairobi and upcountry.

Community-Led Development



Our Sustainable Development Model

With a passion for empowering and uplifting people, we combine community driven projects with a sound business approach to ensure that every cent donated is well spent.

We work in complete partnership with communities, governments and other non-profit organisations. We are led by the needs of the communities, informed by the plans of Government. Through our projects we equip local leaders with the tools, training and resources to manage their own development and empower their communities.

Chegen Njuguna Foundation owes its success to long-term relationships with the communities in which it works.

We believe that being fully embedded in a community is the only way to understand the struggles, needs, skills, resources and solutions for that community. Through a long-term presence in the community trust is built and the dialogue between stakeholders is enriched.

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